Wholesale Second-Hand Gold Refining Services

Top Gold offers wholesale refining services to trade customers Australia-wide, our rates offered are the most competitive in the industry.

Many of our competitors charge additional fees, such as retention fees, deposit fees, fire assay fees, and handling charges. The Top Gold does not operate on this business model, we simply agree to a fixed buyback rate for your scrap gold, scrap silver and bullion items, and you receive this rate each and every time you deal with us, with no hidden fees or charges.

All trade refining is taken as the highest priority, ensuring you receive payments fast and easy to keep your business income flowing.

We regularly deal with trade customers looking to sell large amounts of scrap gold and scrap silver items. Regardless of what trade you are in, from small pawnbroker stores to large mining firms, we can cater for your refining requirements.

Speak with us to find out how we can assist your business in selling gold and silver with us. For more information on the benefits of gold and silver trading, visit The World Gold Council website.


Stone Removal Services

  • The Top Gold provides insured, secure, and reliable stone-removal service to many jewellers, pawn shops, brokers, and traders across Australia – paying you on metal content while removing diamonds through our proprietary, non-destructive process.
  • Also, at no additional charge, The Top Gold provides optional diamond-bidding services so that you can receive the highest return on your melee and stones.
  • Small diamonds up to 3.50 mm are very hard to get out from some of the jewellery settings and while removing them from jewellery most of the time people end up chipping them off and losing money.
  • With The Top Gold you don’t have to risk chipping off the diamonds and wasting your time separating them, we offer stone-removal services for diamonds and gemstones from all jewellery.

Low-grade / Sweeps

Savvy jewellers and manufacturers know that there can be high returns on low-grade refining lots and sweeps. Whether you have bench sweeps, floor sweeps, grindings, filings, polishings, filters, sink collections, or some other low-grade precious metal lot, give us a call today to learn more about The Top Gold’s in-house refining services.

At The Top Gold, your material is handled discretely, turnarounds are typically in 1 week or less, and“4-way” assays are available on all lots, so you receive the highest return every time.

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Refine Your Gold at Australia’s Most Trusted Gold

Top Gold
Currency1 ounce (31.10 grams)1 gram
Euro (EUR)€2,190.15€70.41
US Dollar (USD)$2,373.69$76.32
British Pound (GBP)£1,841.73£59.21
Swiss Franc (CHF)CHF 2,096.48CHF 67.40
Australian Dollar (AUD)A$3,627.25A$116.62
Canadian Dollar (CAD)CA$3,281.55CA$105.50
Chinese Yuan (CNY)CN¥17,208.70CN¥553.27
Indian Rupee (INR)₹198,809.00₹6,391.86
Japanese Yen (JPY)¥362,897.00¥11,667.41
24ct Gold items – 99.9% pure:$104.96 Per Gram
22ct Gold items – 91.6% pure:$96.21 Per Gram
18ct Gold items – 75.0% pure:$78.72 Per Gram
14ct Gold items – 58.3% pure:$61.23 Per Gram
09ct Gold items – 37.5% pure:$39.36 Per Gram